Planning and optimization of energy

OE3i has developed software for planning and optimizing energy since the year 2003.

Our customers often describe the software with words like innovation, intelligence and intuition and together with Optimized Energy it explains our name OE3i.

We develops solutions in 3 categories:

Mentor Planner  

Mentor Mediator 

Mentor Forecast

These represent solutions for heating plants and CHP Plants, district heating companies, companies with production balance responsibility, and companies who own or run the daily business for a portfolio of different energy production units or plants. 

Our customers use these solutions for optimizing and to make it easier to schedule the production, for the benefit of the bottom line and therefore the consumers of energy. 

Until now OE3i has worked with the danish energy market with big success, and we are now going to expand our business to the European markets for examble Germany and Poland.