OE3i is a danish company, which has developed software for planning and optimizing energy since the year 2003. In this field we supply our clients with advanced solutions for optimizing profit performance and resource consumption.

Innovation – intelligence – intuition are words we identify our software with, and together with Optimized Energy it explains our name OE3i.

OE3i’s fundamental idea is to combine profound knowledge in both the commercial and technical fields with the possibilities that modern network communication and visualization gives via the newest programming tools.

  • OE3i’s employees has more than 25 years of experience in the energy market
  • OE3i consists of employees who all have relevant degrees and experience in programming, economy and technology
  • OE3i works in a creative environment that promote independent and creative ways of thinking
  • OE3i uses only the newest and best technologies. Our central technologies are Microsoft.Net, C#, Microsoft SQL Server and the Open Source database MySQL.
  • OE3i works consciously with specification requirements and programming
  • OE3i’s head office is located in Odense in the island of Funen, Denmark