OE3i develop business solutions for

  • The planning of heat- and power production with appertaining forecasts for heat consumption
  • The monitoring of energy balance in an electricity production
  • Automatic planning of heat production and distribution
  • Automatic planning of electricity production
  • Automatic calculation of electricity consumption and purchasing on the Energy Exchange
  • Ad hoc assignments in the energy industry

Our main product ist Mentor Planner, wich is a planning and simulating tool for energy producers. The basic element in Mentor Planner is the forecast for heat consumption, which enables the operating staff to assess the heat comsumption 6 days into the future. In addition to this comes a number of modules, which can be purchased as needed.

Our solutions are therefore grouped together in our three products; Mentor Planner, Mentor Mediator and Mentor Forecast.

Mentor Planner is a solution for planning and simulating in the production of energy.

Mentor Mediator is developed for production responsible parties and is an effective tool for monitoring, planning and calculating a portfolio of combined heat and power plants.

Mentor Forecast is a solution for projection of electricity consumption, heat consumption and gas consumption.