Heat consumption forecast

Mentor Forecast is used for forecasts in heat consumption and can be used in many different ways, dependent on the primary focus. Some district heating companies use Mentor Forecast for online forecasts of heat consumption, while other plants use Mentor Forecast as the cornerstone in an automatic regulation of the temperature level: e.g. TERMIS. An optimization of the total heat consumption can likewise be bought via the modules: Extended heat consumption forecast and Optimization of district heating.

Mentor Forecast is based on artificial intelligence, and it will therefore always adapt to the current situation. For instance the models for forecasts of power and heat consumption will automatically adjust to changes in the number of consumers or changes in consumer behavior.

The forecast calculations are made on the basis of different input-data: for instance historical heat consumption, time of the year, weather forecasts and a number of other data. These data are via Mentor Forecast turned into a forecast of the consumption for the next 6 days.

Something that complicates the methods for making heat consumption forecasts, is the fact that the heat accumulating capacity of buildings effects the heat consumption in the short run. Mentor Forecast automatically takes this into consideration. Furthermore, the system will always adapt to the current situation by constant measuring of the current heat consumption. This way Mentor Planner will always automatically adjust to:

• Changes in consumer behavior
• Changes in the number of consumers
• Changes in the weather models ‘
• Changes in the thermal characteristics of connected buildings
• Changes in the district heating network