Power Supplier Management

PSM is a system for completely automated calculations of network specific power consumption forecasts, completely automated buying of power and reporting of operation schedules to relevant third parties.

The tasks of system are as follows:

• Monitoring of availability of residual data, which cannot be older than 6 work days.
• Monitoring of availability of informations about the share of residual customers. These informations must be updated not later than 7 days before the end of the month.
• Monitoring and validation of weather forecast data.
• The values are tested for availability, and whether they are within a (by the operator) predetermined interval.
• Calculation and validation of power forecast. The forecast calculates the power consumption for all stated network companies. When the forecast is made, the values are compared with the values of the last forecast (that is the forecast made for the operating day)
• Buying of power. On the basis of the calculations in the forecast a buying plan is made and send to relevant third parties.
• Shipping of consumption plans to relevant third parties.
• Daily leaning of power forecast.

The execution of the different tasks is accompanied by a read-off of the condition of the system – see figure below: