Mentor Planner is a graphic planning and optimization tool for production and distribution of energy, that addresses district heating companies and CHP plants.

The basic element in the tool is the heat consumption forecast, which enables the operating staff to assess the heat consumption 6 days into the future.

The heat consumption forecast can besides a vital part in the planning also be used for other optimization functions such as temperature optimizing of flow temperature in a district heating network.

The tool consists of several modules, which can be combined according to the specific needs of the client.

The graphic user interface in version 14 allows:

  • Configuration of a reliable model for the plant
  • Planning and reporting of detailed production schedules  (5 min. – intervals)
  • Planning and reporting of block bids
  • Read-out of activated and rejected block bids
  • Planning and reporting of regulating power (availability)
  • Read-out of activated and rejected regulating bids
  • Read-out of spot price forecasts and actualized spot prices
  • Optimization of plans, including kettles
  • Reliable heat consumption forecast
  • Reliable power factor correction
  • Possibility for correction of an eventual divergence in the heat consumption forecast
  • Possibility for correction of plans by turbine trips
  • Supervision of the condition of the heat storage
  • Immediate impact analysis of profit performance and progress in the heat storage

The planning is conducted on the basis of a visualization of SCADA-data, weather data and extrapolation of heat consumption. Power plans and expected gas consumption are automatically sent to the TSO, the gas supplier and other relevant third parts.

The communication between the different operators is standardized, with the possibility to adjust it according to the specific needs and requests of the client.