Mentor Planner for CHP-plants

Mentor Planner for CHP-plants is a graphic planning and optimization tool for production of power and heat.

The basic element in the tool is the heat consumption forecast, which enables the operating staff to assess the heat consumption 6 days into the future.

The tool consists of modules, which can be combined according to the specific needs of the client.

• Planguide
• Intra-day market
• Block bid market
• Regulating power market
• Frequency regulation market

With Mentor Planner for CHP-plants you are from the beginning prepared to report your power plans into the spot energy market.

The communication between the different operators is standardized, with the possibility to adjust it according to the specific needs and requests of the client.

The communication in Mentor Planner also holds the possibility to submit bids and automatically activating of bids in the different sub-markets as e.g. the regulating power market.