• DTU CHP Plant

    The DTU CHP plant now makes full use of the opportunities that lie in production planning with the help of the Mentor Planner software tool and a close partnership with Aarhus-based energy trading firm Danske Commodities. “Since we established the partnership with Danske Commodities and OE3i we have seen improvements to our bottom line. We estimate that our overall income increased by more than 60% from 2012-2013 because of this partnership,” says René Fritzen, Production Manager DTU CHP.
  • Masnedøværket

    To the CHP plant Masnedøværket it is important to produce as much electricity as possible when the prices are high. Mentor Planner is an advanced tool which enables the CHP plant to increase the profit from the production of electricity. The conclusion of the cooperation was therefor that optimized planning equals a greater revenue on elektricity.
  • Silkeborg CHP Plant

    "By using Mentor Planner we are able to simply plan a better production schedule than if we had to use hours and hours on doing the same job in a spreadsheet layout. mentor Planner does the same - only easier, more effective and without errors."